experience and interaction designer


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch App, Framer, D3.js, Processing, Java, Python, Javascript, Arduino, Django Framework, Agile PM, OpenGL, Unity, Prototyping, Illustration

Relevant Classes:

Service Design Brand and Value Creation, Interactive Products and Prototyping, User Interface Design, Design Methods, Human Factors Design, Audio UI Design, InfoVis, Educational Technology, Research Methods

About Me

I believe that the job of a designer is listening to what already is, and then imagining what could be. I'm good at connecting the dots between concepts and seeing the big picture of a system, or how a certain product might fit into the scope of the world. I often start with the core essence of a concept and aim to find a solution that sits at the intersection of functionality and beauty.


Masters candidate in Industrial Design, B.S. Computer Science, Georgia Tech


I grew up in Palo Alto, CA, and have constantly been trying to find a balance between technology and the humanities.


Interactive installations, data visualization, UX design, product strategy, entrepreneurship and value creation.


Traveling, art, poetry, and you can usually find me volunteering at the county animal shelter on the weekends.